What Is This Large Concave Glass Thing Painted With Roses & W/ Carved Framed

This is driving me nuts !! What is this called? the glass is 15"

diam approx 3" deep with frame, 21" diam. cold painted I think & the

frame seems to be a coated dark wood??? Signed FTM (which closely

resembles FT MERRILL's signature

Clarification of Question byrae80105-ga

I'm not so sure about that because of it's obvious age. Pictures here this time

<img src="http://tinypic.com/1fin81">

Clarification of Question byrae80105-ga

sorry here's all the pics

http://tinypic.com/1fhb83 http://tinypic.com/1fhbba

http://tinypic.com/1fin0i http://tinypic.com/1fin81

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