When Did Lee Harvery Oswald Apply For Job in Depository, Before Motorcade Route?

When did Lee Harvery Oswald apply for job in Depository, before

motorcade route was set?

Does anyone know when LHO applied for the job in the Texas School Book

Depository? When did he start working there? Was it before the

Dallas trip was announced? Was it before the Dealey Plaza motorcade

route was finalized?

One thought on “When Did Lee Harvery Oswald Apply For Job in Depository, Before Motorcade Route?

  1. The President's intention to make a political trip to Dallas on

    November 21-22 was announced in September, 1963. Oswald heard about

    the possibility that he could find a job at the Texas Schoolbook

    Depository in October, and he was hired on October 15, starting work

    on the 16th.

    According to Scotty Reston's investigation, the route selected for the

    motorcade was not set until a week before the visit, when the location

    for the luncheon, the Trade Mart, was decided. The plan had to be

    changed after October 28, when Texas Christian withdrew an offer to

    award an honorary degree to the President.

    The "Three Furies" that Brought Kennedy to Oswald


    "In late September the White House announced a two-day trip to Texas

    on November 21-22. On October 4, during a visit with Kennedy in

    Washington, Connally formally acquiesed to the trip but suggested that

    one fund-raiser would suffice and would raise as much money as four."


    'Advance man Jerry Bruno, when he visited Connally and Dallas on

    October 28, was given to understand that the TCU honorary degree was a

    done deal."


    "Connally, for reasons that are still in dispute, was absolutely

    insistent upon holding the luncheon at the new Trade Mart, near the

    airport along the Stemmons Freeway. Kennedy and O'Donnell wanted to

    hold it at the Women's Building, near the Fairgrounds."



    "Oct. 15, 1963 Dallas Oswald Hired by Roy Truly at Texas School Book Depository

    Oct. 16, 1963 Dallas Oswald begins work at Depository"

    Oswald Hired by Roy Truly at Texas School Book Depository


    "On October 14, 1963, about a month after Frazier started at the TSBD,

    his sister Linnie Mae was having coffee and chatting at the home of

    one of her neighbors, Ms. Dorothy Roberts. Also present was another

    Randle neighbor, Ms. Ruth Hyde Paine. With Pain e was a young

    Russian-born woman, Marina Oswald."

    Thus, the trip had been announced about two weeks before Oswald knew

    of the job at the Depository, and was hired more than two weeks before

    the itinerary had been set, and a month before the motorcade's route

    had been chosen.





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