Where Can I Find Details of Spainish Weather Averages?

Specifically I need to find the monthly wind speed averages and sea

temperatures for the Vera Beach (near Almeria) region, across the last

couple of years (to see when the best time is to go kitesurfing in

this area).


One thought on “Where Can I Find Details of Spainish Weather Averages?

  1. Hello,

    Various information is available on this subject. The Washington Post

    site has monthly weather averages for Almeria, Spain averaged over 20

    years or so. This is available here:


    Data for coastal water temperatures is a little harder to come by. I

    was unable to find exact monthly data, though two-month averages for

    the region, as well as reviews by surfers of the various locations in

    the same area, are available here:


    The water temperature data is at the bottom of the page, along with

    typical swell size and swell consistency data.

    Hope this helps you out. Enjoy the surfing.

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