Where to Find Book-A-Month Collections

So maybe I'm a little bit nostalgic, but here goes. When I was

younger, I remember my parents getting a collection of classic books

that came all looking the same in a fancy leather binding. Now I'd

like to start a collection like that for my kids, but I can't find a

company that still offers those sets. I've found individual volumes on

Amazon and even some collections on Ebay, but I'd really like one of

those "we send you a book every month" types of collections. Do they

still exist?

One thought on “Where to Find Book-A-Month Collections

  1. Hi zbullard1~

    The Easton Press has been offering leather bound classics for years.

    You can view their website here:


    They offer several "book of the month" type deals, including "100

    Greatest Books Ever Written" (

    http://www.eastonpressbooks.com/leather/product.asp?code=0001 ),

    "Books That Changed the World" (

    http://www.eastonpressbooks.com/leather/product.asp?code=0196 ), and

    "Great Books of the 20th Century" (

    http://www.eastonpressbooks.com/leather/product.asp?code=0755 ). Check

    out the "By Series" links on the left hand side of the home page for

    more collections.

    Have fun!



    Google search for Easton Press

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