Which Is Worse "sweet and Low" or "equal"

Is the aspartame scare an urban myth or are there valid reasons why it

should be avoided?

What are the proven dangers/side-effects of saccharin?

What does the most current academic research indicate?

Any info that is unbias and accredited is appreciated.

One thought on “Which Is Worse "sweet and Low" or "equal"

  1. “Is the aspartame scare an urban myth or are there valid reasons why

    it should be avoided?”

    This seems to be two questions: “Is the aspartame scare an urban

    myth?” and “are there valid reasons why it should be avoided?”

    I would say that the answer to both of these questions is “yes.”

    For any of the questions you have asked, however, there is going to be

    wild disagreement throughout. My own personal experience is that the

    stuff is completely benign. Missy-ga clearly feels very strongly that

    it is not.

    I will say that the link she has given does not strike me as

    authoritative. There is tons of stuff at the FDA, but I think this

    one page is a good summary of what you will find:


    It gives the FDA position that aspartame is generally safe as well as

    the few instances in which it is known to cause problems. This should

    answer the second question directly. There are clearly some reasons

    why one might avoid aspartame. However, given that your question is

    about the “aspartame scare,” I assume pointing you to the FDA’s

    website is insufficient for suggesting the scare is a myth. I am

    guessing that you will also find any pointer to a page at a soda

    company to be insufficient.

    One site that you might find sufficient is:


    This page states, “Even daily large doses of the high-intensity

    sweetener aspartame, also known as NutraSweet, had no adverse effect

    on study subjects' health and well-being.”

    The best non-FDA analysis of the “aspartame scare” that I have seen is

    at “About.com.” About.com has a great deal on aspartame. I think the

    best place to start is:


    This discusses an e-mail that went around in 1998 about aspartame

    toxicity. The third page has several links to authoritative pages

    that affirm aspartame is benign for most people. (This is where I

    found the MIT link.)

    As to the question of: “What are the proven dangers/side-effects of

    saccharin?” this too is controversial. There has been concern that

    saccharin causes bladder cancer:


    However, much of this concern appears to be unfounded for the small

    amounts of saccharin that people actually ingest. Though once again,

    one can find web sites, articles, opinions, etc. that vary wildly.

    Here is some information form saccharin.org: =)


    The government has now removed saccharin from its list of potential

    carcinogens as well:


    I think the bottom line here is not to lose too much sleep over any of

    this. If you have problems then by all means avoid the artificial

    stuff. Personally, I worry much more about the fact I still do not

    own a ski helmet than the fact I drink diet soda. 😉

    Hope this helps.


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