Windows Xp, a Home Network and Admin Privledges

I have windows XP running on a new desktop computer that is network

thru a common hub to a laptop that is running windows ME. The desktop

access the internet thru a 2-way satellite connection and the laptop

access the internet thru the desktop UNLESS my wife has dialed into

the VPN at work. Everything works fine, she is able to maintain the

vpn connection while surfing the web thru the satellite.

I recently tried to install a program (Real Player) on the XP desktop

and it told me that I did not have admin privledges. I checked and

double checked, and I do, so maybe there is a problem with the


When setting up the network (I mention the network only because it is

the only thing I have added to the desktop recently and the problem

seemed to appear about the same time) I had to maintain settings on

the laptop because of the VPN.

How can I make XP know I have admin privs?

I have thought about "repairing" my XP installation.

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  1. Hello troubleshooter-ga.

    I have had similar issues in the past in regards to Windows XP or a

    3rd-party program needing administrator privelages.

    You were correct in thinking about 'repairing' the XP installation,

    however, to save you time I offer the following tip. According to a

    tip offered at TechTv [ ] you can actually

    force Windows XP to run ANY program as an administrator, regardless of

    whether you really are logged in as administrator or not. The site

    reads as follows:

    "In Windows 2000 and XP, each user must log into an account. Accounts

    are designed to limit what the user can do. These limits usually

    involve system settings. In Windows 2000 and XP, an "administrator

    account" is a user account that has "administrator rights" — open

    access to all the system settings. Any account with administrator

    rights is considered an administrator account.

    Some Windows software programs, such as Nero, will not operate unless

    you are using an administrator account. If you're in a

    nonadministrator account, does that mean you have to log off and log

    back in as an administrator? Not necessarily.

    The steps

    Here's how to use a program as an administrator without logging off:

    Find the icon for the program you want to run as an administrator.

    Hold the Shift key and right-click on the icon. Select "Run as."

    Find the option for "Run the program as the following user." Select it

    and fill in the boxes with the appropriate administrator account user

    name and password.

    The application will launch as if it's being used by an administrator.

    All other applications will continue to operate under your user


    Source: [,24330,2552301,00.html


    I hope this saves you from having to re-install XP, and in the future

    i HIGHLY recommend the website listed above for more computer-related

    information than you will probably ever need.

    Google Search:


    I hope this sovles your problem.


  2. I appreciate the information you provided, but I must reply that it

    will not install even in an admin account. I even deleted all of the

    non–admin level accounts and still it persisted. Friday I fly home

    and will take another look based on your information, I will let you

    know how it turns out. thanks again.

  3. Found this on the web – this is the exact problem I am having, FYI:

    Just joined direcway, new scbriber on new computer. I am attempting to

    download updates from windows update however when I go to the page it

    tells me that I am not authorized, because I do not have administrator

    rights or the network configuration is prohibiting it. I checked the

    administrator and I am the only user and have administrator rights.

    Does anyone know what the network settings should be for the USB

    Modems, I connect via lan and the USB modem to the sattellite.


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    2. Re:Getting Updates from Windows Update

    This should help.

    1. Start menu, then Run..

    2. type "regedit", then press enter

    3. navigate to this folder –


    4. right-click on the windowsupdate folder in the left column, then

    click permissions…

    5. put check marks in the "allow" boxes for both administrators &


    6. click ok, the exit the editor

    7. Reboot the machine, and go back to the windows update page.

    Here is a link to dslreports Faqs.

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