Wireless Isp Billing & Management Systems


What I'm looking for is a product that competes with the WiFiCom SAB

Broadband Internet Service Management System, though they have plans

to come up with a few major updates in a month and in early 2003.

The above can be used as a reference, but what we're looking for is

listed below:

1. A complete billing solution suitable for hostspots where there's no

outsourcing of any part of it.

2. Has the ability to run on one of the flovors of Unix. Meaning, no

MS platform requirement can be accepted.

3. Supports prepaid and allows the user to creat an account and refill

it in the future with vouchers.

4. Supports multiple pricing plans.

5. Bandwidth management per hotspot.

6. Controls maximum concurrent users per hotspot.

7. Supports roaming between our own hotspots and others as well as

globally through GRIC or i-Pass.

8. Supports revenue sharing between us and the property owner.

9. Allows users to view and change their account information as well

as passwords.

10. Supports credit cards as a good plus.

11. Allows for peek and non-peek rate management and quality

management. Meaning if a client pays for a higher rate, they can get

better performance than those on a more economical plan.

12. Supports AAA.

13. An API is a plus.

14. Licensing is either rental or purchase.

15. Control simultanious logins by the same account, that doesn't mean

we don't want multiple logins, but have the ability to charge twice

for the second and so on.

16. Support for local portals with the ability to allow

unauthenticated users to see them. I think they call them Walled


17. Ability to report problems via an online support form without


We were able to locate the following solutions:




The hardware we're interested in using is:

CISCO Aironet 350 & 1200 series


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Thank you all.


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