Wizard of Oz

episode in wizard of oz that shows person hanging from tree in background

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    Urban Legends Reference Pages: Movies (If I Only Had a Crane . . .)


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    At the bottom of page you'll see Additional information:

    The sound clip below is commentary about the munchkin rumor by Oz

    expert John Fricke, taken from the soundtrack of The Ultimate Oz

    laserdisc set. The video clip show several seconds of the scene in

    question — watch the middle of the screen as Dorothy, the Scarecrow,

    and the Tin Woodsman head down the Yellow Brick Road.

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    John Fricke commentary

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    Video clip from The Wizard of Oz


    Unsolved Mysteries – Wizard of Oz "hanging person" scene


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    I was searching on the Urban Lengends website when I found this one

    about this one scene in The Wizard of Oz where you could could see

    someone hanging from a tree in the background. It is a very popular

    rumor but it wasn't true. The "Hanging Person In The Background" was

    actually a film crew person who was accidentally in the shot and ran

    off the set. It never got cut out


    The Wizard of Oz Hanging


    Pretty much everyone is talking about this one.

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    Scroll to middle of page – Debated Goofs

    URBAN LEGEND: If you look very closely in the scene where Dorothy and

    the scarecrow find the tinman, and then start skipping down the yellow

    brick road, you can see one of the munchkins actually hanging himself

    in the background of the trees.

    (read debate)

    The debate is continued on the Trivia Forum.



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