World Countries Ranked by Telecom Expenditures

I'd like to get a list of all the countries of the world, sorted by

their total telecommunication expenditures. The data must be no more

than 10 years old and include the expenditures in a common currency

(US dollars, preferably).

I won't pay for an answer of "Well, that data just doesn't exist."

However, if you can't find a list of ALL countries, I'll settle for a

list of all the countries whose telecom expenditures exceed 50 million

USD annually.

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  1. Hi. This is a very interesting query.

    Most of data presented here can be found on the survey of the Witsa


    According to the WITSA (World Information Technology and Services

    Alliance) organization the Global ICT (Information Communications

    Market is pegged at $2 trillion. The following countries are the top

    telecom spenders.

    1997 – figures

    In Billions of dollars

    US – $643

    Japan – $317

    Germany – $119

    UK – $102

    France – $91

    Italy – $50

    Brazil – $34

    Spain – $23

    China – $18.8

    Taiwan – $12.1

    HK – $12

    Greece – $3.7

    Portugal – $3.4

    Russia – $3.2

    Digital Planet


    Other country spending are available but are in chart form so I would

    not elaborate on the amounts since it will now be speculative in

    nature. At least the charts shall give you an idea per country.

    Charts from Digital Planet as regards to top global IT spending (Latin America) (Asia not including Japan)

    A region-by-region discussion on Telecom spending

    Other sites you might find interesting

    An in-depth look at some ICT figures in the Asia Pacific Region

    A complete publication listing of data per country is available at

    WITSA members: $50 plus shipping

    Non-WITSA members: $75 plus shipping

    In its 2001 study in which the details were not revealed for free but

    must be paid for the following changes have been made:

    US – 812.6

    Japan – 413

    Germany – 154.6

    China is the now the fastest growing telecom spender in the world. It

    has already overtaken Australia in the Asia pacific region. (not

    including Japan)

    A presentation of Mexico’s ICT spending ranking:

    The following file presents comparison charts on ICT spending of

    European Countries. (This data is presented in a common currency not

    in dollars but in the Euro currency).

    This document from the World Bank discusses ICT market opportunities

    in developing countries.

    Search terms used:

    Global telecom ICT spending

    I hope this will help you in your research. Thanks for being a part of

    Google Answers.



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